Por qué estudiar con nosotros

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The University of Navarra is a Catholic University founded in 1952. We are proud of our academic integrity, international focus and the professional development of our students. It is ranked 37th in the World in the QS Graduate Employability Ranking 2017. It is also ranked as best Spanish private university, in the Spanish Ranking reference “El Mundo” and also the QS World University Ranking, where we are ranked 245th

Tecnun, The University of Navarra´s School of Engineering is one of the oldest schools of Engineering in Spain. It is located in San Sebastian, a beautiful city on the northern coast of Spain, in the region called The Basque Country. Tecnun has been serving society since 1961 by providing Engineering education and degrees to more than 7,000 alumni and conducting applied research for industry. It has also overseen more than 600 Doctoral theses in the 55 years of its history and 12 spin-off companies.

The Basque Country is home to well-known international companies which design and manufacture rail stock, coaches, automotive components, manufacturing equipment, aeronautical components and wind turbines among other things. The region has a very high level of internationalization within its companies with many of them operating in different countries in the world.

Tecnun shares resources, facilities and personnel with its associated Research Centre, Ceit-IK4, a multidisciplinary renowned institution with more than 200 researchers developing applied research for companies at both local and international level.

Every year many international students from Tecnun partners come to Tecnun either to study courses, to do a research internship or to participate in the summer or winter programs. There is a continuous increase in the number of degree of courses taught in English and this also applies to the number of engineering courses in summer of which there are more each year.

As a consequence every year there is a continuously increasing number of international students who choose to come to Tecnun in the north of Spain. They enjoy a fulfilling experience at our university campus which is very enriching as they mix with our local student body.