How to get to Tecnun

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The best way to get to TECNUN, Ibaeta Campus, is on foot or by bike, as everything in San Sebastian is within walking distance.

However, for those who live further away, or prefer not to walk, San Sebastián has an excellent network of buses.


TECNUN has two campuses: the main campus in Ibaeta, and another campus in Miramon Technological Park.

Tecnun Ibaeta Campus

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Paseo de Manuel Lardizabal, Nº 13
20.018, Donostia - San Sebastián 

GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 43.304654
Longitude: -2.009873

Tecnun Miramón Campus

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Parque Tecnológico de San Sebastián 
Paseo Mikeletegi, Nº 48 
20.009, Donostia - San Sebastián
GPS Coordinates:
Latitude: 43.290821
Longitude: -1.983475