Ángel Rubio Díaz-Cordovés

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Angel Rubio has a degree in Mechanical Engineering from the Universidad Politécnica de Madrid and he subsequently completed his PhD degree at Tecnun (University of Navarra). Initially his work was related to the automatic control and teleoperation of robots in hazardous environments. In 2001, he switched the focus of his research to bioinformatics.

Currently he is the leader of the Bioinformatics research line at CEIT. He has performed bioinformatic analysis of different diseases, including cancer. He has collaborated with the following companies and research centres: CIMA, OWL Genomics, CIC-Biogune, University Hospital of Navarra, Progenika and Oryzon Genomics. His expertise includes interpretation of data generated by microarrays (statistical and functional analysis), analysis of alternative splicing, analysis of metabolic networks and development of algorithms for Next Generation Sequencing methods. He has published more than 20 research papers in peer-reviewed journals and is co-author of several book chapters and conference presentations. He has also directed 6 PhD theses.


Asignaturas curso 2016-2017: Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing

Doctor Ingeniero Industrial en Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática
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Asignaturas impartidas en el curso 2017/2018: Bioestadística (Ing.Gr.), Bioinformatics and Next Generation Sequencing (MIB), Genómica y Proteómica (Ing.Gr)