Luis Mariano Matey Muñoz

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Mechanical Engineer (U. Navarre 1991), Ph. D. (U. Navarre 1994), Associate professor of the University of Navarre. Director of the Simulation Area of the Department of Mechanics of CEIT. This area has about 30 researchers and Ph. D. candidates working in research projects in mechanism analysis, design and optimisation, simulation of multi domain systems, human motion reconstruction, VR/AR applications, human-machine interfaces, and haptics.

His research interests focus on HCI, visualisation, virtual reality and Ambient Intelligence. He has collaborated in two books, more than twelve papers in journals, and more than forty communications. He has collaborated with a lot of companies mainly in the aeronautic, automotive and educational fields, and he has participated in more than forty research projects, directing many of them.

Member of ACM, IEEE, Euromech and Eurographics, he is since 2001 member of the Spanish executive chapter of Eurographics.

Doctor Ingeniero Industrial
Profesor Titular en Ciencia de la Computación e Inteligencia Artificial

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Asignaturas impartidas en el curso 2017/2018: Metodología del Diseño (Ing.Gr.), Prototipos (Ing.Gr.)

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