The best of the best (IV)

El cuarto Alumni de Tecnun en presentar sugerencias para esta serie, hace unas precisas observaciones sobre las perspectivas del sector eléctrico en general y la eficiencia energética, fruto de su experiencia laboral en el mayor grupo empresarial dedicado a la producción, distribución y comercialización energética.

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Carlos Bergera en Iberdrola FOTO: Cedida

22/02/2017 Servicio de Comunicación

The best of the best – Energy and electricity

Carlos Bergera (Tecnun’88 ), Head of Green Mobility of Iberdrola

The focus of the recommendations from the electricity sector in general, and not only on energy efficiency, so I think it covers a broader spectrum for potential stakeholders

Decarbonize, digitalize and decentralize will be the main drivers of change within the electricity sector for the next decades. Oil economy will be changed by a new green economy in which customers will take much greater control.

A more competitive marketplace scenario among utilities and other new entrant companies will require the contribution of high talented professionals. As the newest and most promising topics in which they will need to qualify, I would highlight the following:

GENERATION BUSINESS. Photovoltaic and wind energy technologies: manufacturing, engineering&construction and maintenance.

TRANSPORT AND DISTRIBUTION. Smart grids and distributed energy management.

CUSTOMERS&SALES. New business models&marketing

Other outstanding fields of knowledge and business will also be: internet and social media, electromobility and smart homes.

A huge prospect of well-prepared engineers will be required in the coming years for the provision and management of those new technologies, products and services. They will mainly require to hold: Specialized but adaptable and flexible knowledge scope.

Leadership and team-work skills Customer service oriented mentality International and mobility-ready attitude Multilingual profile Values: integrity and loyalty, positive.

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