Winter program


(January 14th - February 8th, 2019)

The Tecnun Winter Program has been designed as a specific module for engineering students  from Tecnun’s international university partners. Our week-long program follows 2 weeks at Tecnun, the school of Engineering of University of Navarra in San Sebastian, and two weeks in the University of Navarra’s main campus in Pamplona, where students study Spanish Language and Culture for two weeks at the Spanish Language and Culture Institute (ILCE)





TECNUN TECHNICAL MODULE (January 14th – 25th, 2019)

Data analytics is at the core of new businesses, new paradigms in industrial sectors (Industry 4.0) and cutting-edge interdisciplinary research. In this 20-hour course, undergraduate students will be introduced in the field of machine learning, becoming familiar with key tools and programming languages (Phyton and R) in data analytics, in the context of a varied and attractive set of questions in engineering.

The program offers, as well, 4 different visits to companies that cooperate closely with Tecnun in different areas like guest lecturing, internships and recruiting, and research. The companies are of interest to our visiting engineering students, who will be able to learn about each company and its market, products, technology and manufacturing facilities, whose manufacturing and testing processes students will see during a guided tour.
The purpose of the visits is to enrich the students by putting them into real contact with companies that represent their potential future as engineers once they leave the university and start their professional career. Prior to each visit, students will be required research the company so they will  be prepared to interact with the company. During the visits, a company representative gives a talk in English and later students visit the facilities. After visit, students write a report describing what they have learned from the visit. The reports are graded by Tecnun for the final program grade and for students's academic transcripts.


SPANISH MODULE (January 29th – February 8th, 2019)
Spanish Language and Culture Institute (ILCE)