José María Rodríguez Ibabe

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Industrial Engineer (1980), Metallurgy Master (1981) and Doctor of Engineering (1984) Degrees from the University of Navarra. The same year, he joined the Materials Department of CEIT Research Institute (San Sebastian, Spain) and currently, he is a senior researcher of the Thermomechanical Treatments Group. Since 1986 he gives lectures of Metallurgy in Tecnun (High Engineering School). His fields of research are the thermomechanical treatments of steels, mechanical behavior and structure-property relationships. In the last years, microalloying application to new processes and steel grades has been one of his main activities.

He has published 150 technical papers in international journals and conferences, 65 technical papers in national journals and conferences and 14 technical documents and books with ISBN number. He has participated in 53 research projects and has directed 17 doctoral theses.

He has received the following awards: Meritorious Award (Iron and Steel Society, USA, 2000), for the best Bar Product and Forging Paper in Mechanical Working and Steel Processing Conference; Vanadium Award (Institute of Materials, London, 2000), for the most outstanding paper in the metallurgy and technology of vanadium and its alloys; Charles Hatchett Award (Institute of Materials, London, 2003), for the best published paper in niobium application.

Doctor Ingeniero Industrial
Catedrático en Ciencia de los Materiales e Ingeniería Metalúrgica

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Asignaturas impartidas en el curso 2017/2018: Procesos Industriales (MII)

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