Iñigo Adin Marcos

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Dr. Iñigo Adin is a researcher at CEIT since 2003 and associated professor at the University of Navarra since 2005. He received his MSc Degree in Electronics Engineering in 2003 and his PhD in 2007 from the University of Navarra.

The master’s thesis, which was carried out in the Fraunhofer Institut of Erlangen. From 2003 to 2007 he worked towards his PhD focused on CMOS RF front-ends for multi- standard wireless applications in the 5GHz U-NII band. Among other projects in the field of RFICs and ESD protection, he has been involved in design and verification of a safety critical receiver for an ERTMS BTM for high speed trains.

His research interest include safety critical designs, with special interest in electromagnetic compatibility and transport interoperability. He is author, or co-author, of one patent, 2 technical book, an invited chapter and 19 articles in journals and international conferences.

He was the coordinator of the FP7 European Project TREND (Test of Rolling stock ElectromagNetic compatibility for cross-Domain interoperability), has participated in 3 other FP7 projects coordinated by CEIT (EATS, ECUC and HEMIS) and is now actively participating in 2 H2020 European funded and Shift2Rail projects in Railway signaling and Positioning topics: ERSAT-EAV and X2Rail

Doctor Ingeniero en Automática y Electrónica Industrial
Profesor Contratado Doctor en Electrónica

Extensión telefónica: 2911

Asignaturas impartidas en el curso 2017/2018: CAD Electrónico (Ing.Gr.), Compatibilidad Electromagnética (Ing.Gr), Electrónica Industrial (MII), Métodos / Sistemas de Diseño Electrónico (Ing.Gr.), Sistemas Eléctricos y Magnéticos (Ing.Gr)