Javier Díaz Dorronsoro

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Javier Díaz received his PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Navarra in 2003. His thesis dissertation is focused on Active Control of Noise and Vibration.

From 2005 to 2007 he was a visiting professor in the University of Houston. From 2007 to 2009 he joined CIMA (Pamplona, Spain) where he specialised in functional neuroimage.

In 2009 he joined the Electronic and Communications Department of CEIT and is currently developing hardware and software for electrophysiological measurement.

Doctor Ingeniero en Automática y Electrónica Industrial
Profesor Titular en Ingeniería de Sistemas y Automática

Extensión telefónica: 2902

Asignaturas impartidas en el curso 2017/2018: Informática (Ing.Gr.16), Diseño de sistemas embebidos biomédicos (MIB), Instrumentación Biomédica (Ing.Gr.), Instrumentación Biomédica Aplicada (Ing.Gr.), Prácticas en Empresa (Ing.Gr), Proyecto fin de grado (Ing.Bio), Proyecto Fin de Master (MIB)